It's our mission to promote the advancement of quality welding in the industry.

Our Philosophy

Akron Testing Laboratory and Welding School maintains a direct instructor to student relationship as a heritage from the original guild system in which the student worked and learned directly under the master craftsman. The welding school was established to train the student to the best of their ability in all phases of welding.

Past experience has proven that the expectations of the school become a reality as a result of the students’ faithful acceptance of the schools’ guidance.


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Classes we offer :
  • SMAW Basic I & II

    SMAW Basic I & II





  • GTAW


  • Blue Print Reading

    Blue Print Reading

  • Torch Cutting

    Torch Cutting

  • Welding Technology Program

    Welding Technology Program

The Work Space

A welder needs a space to work. We have 45 welding booths to provide our clients with top welding machines and good ventilation. We have a grinding area, and  2 band saws to teach our students proper fitting of materials.

Our Cutting area provides a plasma cutting machine and Oxy/Acetylene torches to teach our students proper techniques and safety for cutting and handling materials.

Our student are provided a locker to keep their helmets and PPE from getting damaged while not in use.

Students also have a view of the laboratory to watch the CWI bend their test. This teaches students what a CWI’s role is in our facility. The CWI can then explain and teach the student about the results of the test. This ensures proper follow through with their education, from beginning (safety) to end (test results).